Where’d You Go Bernadette, A Book Review

Where'd You Go Bernadette - A Book Review

Where'd You Go Bernadette is the first book I chose to read from my summer reading list and it did not disappoint. Bernadette is an incredibly intelligent and creative women who has also become a bit too eccentric for her own good.  Before her daughter was born with life-threatening health problems, Bernadette, a renown architect, was a green, DIY, recycler before it was chic.  As far as creativity goes, she was ahead of her time.  She could have pioneered the reduce, reuse, recycle mentality if she only she kept creating. Her long-time friend and colleague Paul Jellinek told her "People … [Read more...]

Man Chips

Man Chips - Steak Flavored Ruffled Chips

"Get up.  What are you doing sleeping?" My mother nudged me until I lifted my head, heavy with sleep, off the couch cushion.  I tried to focus on her, but my eyes were blurry and she was so loud.  I didn't need to see her anyway.  After twenty-0ne years, I knew what she looked like. "Why are you home?  You're not dressed.  Go get dressed." Couldn't she see I looked a lot like death?   Besides, I was dressed.  I retracted my limbs into my big red sweatshirt like a turtle hides in his shell. That red sweatshirt was my favorite.  I got it on a family vacation one summer.  It had MAINE … [Read more...]

Craptastic 4th of July

Fourth of July Photo

I absolutely stole this picture from last year - 4th of July.   Ever have one of those holidays where you should have gone out for Chinese food, put a For Sale sign in your yard, and moved to a land without people and holidays? Welcome to my 4th of July. My husband is working, so festivities (namely dinner) had to be ready by one o'clock this afternoon. No big deal, right? Sure I lost the better part of the 3rd. to a migraine, but I rallied, put the pork in the crockpot, seasoned it up, added the bottle of Dr. Pepper I secretly stashed in the back recesses of the … [Read more...]

WIWW & The No-Makeup Makeup Look

Wearing Makep without Looking Made up

I tried to get dressed this week, despite the ridiculous flooding in our area.  Naturally I missed a few days, because I doubt you wanted to see my oldest clothes soaked with muddy water and other gunk (we'll leave it at that, because I prefer not to think about what else could be in the mud and water).  Besides, my clothes were the last thing I was thinking about. That said, I did manage to snap a few photos. This photo was taken in the beginning of the day.  I was exhausted.  I don't know why, but I guess it was a rough day. So I took a nap, woke up and traded the skirt for a … [Read more...]

Side French Braid – Tween Girl’s Hair Styles

Tween girl's hair: French Side Braid

My daughter's hair always looks messy.  I love it long and it's pretty when it's combed, but it stays combed for 2.52 seconds before going back to a tangled mop.  Her hair, much to her delight, is also beginning to change.  It's becoming a bit frizzy and on especially humid days, it will wave and even curl right around her face. She dreams of curly hair. I have no idea why, because she sees how I fight with my own hair.  She's constantly telling me my hair is growing or that my hair is too frizzy.  Yet, every day she showers and then plays with her hair, plumping pieces and begging them … [Read more...]

1930′s Style Coffee Cake

1930's Vintage Style Coffee Cake

  Lots of layers and fluffy, buttery icing are good, but at heart, I'm a coffee cake kind of girl. It's more of an everyday kind of cake, not that I need cake every single day, but every now and then I get an urge for something sweet.  I'm not much of an pre-packaged kind of sweets girl.  Well, unless we're talking chocolate.  I'll eat chocolate wrapped in just about anything, but when it comes to cookies or cakes, I generally don't buy them in the store. I bake them.   It's amazing how cooking dinner can feel like I've been thrown in a work camp and made to do … [Read more...]

Even after the flood, I can’t put myself in Noah’s sandals.

Community Garden

It's been a weird weekend. I'm not even sure what else to say about it. We woke up to the sound of rushing water on Friday and our little world changed in a moment.  I have a new respect for water and I now understand what "flash flood" means.     Someone stopped my husband while he was filling up the truck with gas and asked him if he thought this flooding was God's judgement, because no-one in this valley gives a hoot about God or church.  They know FringeMan is the "minister", so these questions come up.  There was a flood in these parts seven years ago - seven … [Read more...]

Floods of Central New York


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, let's see.     The towns that surround us were hit much harder than we were.  Please keep the people of Central New York in your prayers.  We have more rain in the forecast.   … [Read more...]

It All Happened the First Week of Summer

Fun Pool Pictures

    One week of summer break down and I'm in love with life, even though it has rained nearly every single day.  Despite the great deluges and mini-floods rushing down the street, the sun peaked out a time or two and believe me, as soon as the clouds parted, we ran for the door. Chlorine dunked kids slathered in sunscreen smell good. They do, for real, and I'll take wet towels over wet boots and snowpants any day.     Sure kids have paraded in and out of the house all week, but I don't even care if they leave the door open.  I'm not worried … [Read more...]

Summer Reading List – 2013

Summer Reading List 2013 - The Domestic Fringe

I love summer, because I feel like it's ok to be lazy.  Maybe this is just more of my twisted thinking, but when school lets out, I suddenly go on holiday in my mind. Life is becomes all about easy meals and soaking up sunshine.  It's right and good to sit by the pool and chat with neighbors or catch up on your reading. Everyone is nicer in the summer. Have you noticed that or is it just my town?  In cold places, it seems like everyone's heart freezes a bit in the winter, but then spring comes and the hearts begin to thaw.  By summer, it's big smiles and trips to the ice-cream stand.  … [Read more...]

WIWW – My Husband likes My Ugliest Outfit

multi-strand necklace from Kohl's

I've skipped WIWW twice, but this week I remembered to take pictures, almost every day.  If you're new around here, I attempt to participate in What I Wore Wednesday each week, not because I'm delusional and think I'm a fashionista, but for simple motivation.  It embarrasses me into getting dresses and looking decent every day. Not really, but some days, that's absolute truth. Other days, especially "work" days at home, scrubbing toilets and doing laundry, I wear lame outfits like this one.   Cropped Yoga Pants: Walmart,  Thrifted Shirt:  Goodwill,  Long-Sleeved T-shirt: … [Read more...]

DIY Bathroom Renovation – Before & After

Bathroom Renovation - Owl Bath mat

Since we're all friends here, I'm going to ask you to show me a little grace.  This post needs grace and maybe a teeny bit of imagination. I've not claimed to be a style, DIY, or home blog.  Not at all.  I'm just living my little life in my tiny part of this world and sharing it with you - the good, bad, and ugly. I've showed you a whole lot of ugly in my life, so these photos will be mostly good, but they're lousy photos.  This is where the real grace comes in. There's no natural light in my bathroom and me and my point-and-shoot camera can't seem to get good pictures, so work with … [Read more...]

because parenting takes creativity, we’ve got Butt Roots

humor with children - because sometimes

Last night I was lamenting photo-less weekend.  "Now I won't have a Hello Monday post for tomorrow." My son, the one who used the word auspicious in conversation just moments earlier said, "Have a Mom Monday instead." Now that's not a bad idea, but it would require my children to do something funny, because let's face it, the only mom moments you want to hear about involve laughter, or at least a snicker.  My kids just aren't that humorous any more.  They grew up and now I live with little alien beings, who of course know it all and use three syllable words in conversations. No … [Read more...]

DIY Marshmallow Shooter

How to make a marshmallow shooter from PVC pipe

I'm still coming to terms with the fact that I have a teen and tween.   News Flash:  They aren't babies anymore.   I get it.  I get it. What was fun for twelve years is now boring.  They are stretching me.  Causing me to be creative in a different way.  I'm actually pretty good with a room full of five year old's.  I can cut and paste with the best of them, but things are different now. They are also slightly more violent. Wars, not international (of course!), are kinda fun for them.  Water balloons, shaving cream, marshmallow shooters...whatever.  They'd be just as … [Read more...]

Summer Looks from Spiegel

Leopard Print Dress, Heels, and Clutch from Spiegel.com

  The other day, I gave you several reasons why I love dresses for summer.  In case you missed them, I'll briefly review. Dresses are comfortable Dresses are Not Fussy (at least they don't have to be) Dresses are Affordable Dresses are Easy for Busy Women So when a representative for Spiegel contacted me about reviewing their website, I was delighted. Now, I don't know about you, but when I think of Spiegel, I think of a catalog.  Do you remember getting (or maybe your mom or grandma got) Spiegel catalog in the mail? I haven't seen one in years, so I had fun browsing … [Read more...]