Summer Art – Be Inspired to Create With Your Kids

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Summer Series – Day Three

Summer Art

So far I LOVE this Summer Series and am wondering why I didn’t think to host it sooner.  Shannan and Laura have been so wonderful in sharing their hearts and talents with us.  If you missed Summer Fun and Summer Fashion, please take a moment to read.  Today Meg from Whatever is talking about Summer Art and I cannot think of a better woman to speak on this subject.  Meg is incredibly creative and fun and wears super-cute outfits.  She has a delightful family and recounts their always fun days on her blog, Whatever.  Meg, thank you SO much joining us today!

Please join me as I welcome Meg from Whatever.

i am meg and i blog at whatever.
i have five kids and three who are young enough to still want to craft with me.
tricia asked me to share about summer art with my kids.
we are pretty artsy craftsy over here.Art1
my first suggestion for YOU to get crafty with your kids is to get some supplies!
we have an big cabinet FULL of art supplies.
watercolor paints, glue sticks, glitter, construction paper, white paper, markers, scissors, crayons, oil pastels, tape, and low temp glue guns are STOCKED.
it’s ok to slowly build your supply list.
you can still be crafty with a small amount of goodies.
when it’s nice outside we often work on our projects at our outdoor table…less mess and change of scenery.
i check several websites, magazines and books for craft ideas.
i clean up the space we’re going to use just so it feels more peaceful (if only to me).
i turn on some music…sometimes i set out a snack too.
i give them instructions or ideas or which step to start with
and then we CRAFT.
i say many times while we work “it doesn’t have to be perfect”
“it doesn’t have to look a certain way”
“any way you make it will be great!”
“don’t worry about mistakes….make them into something else”

because art is supposed to FUN!

i want them to love art for what it is.
not to make a cookie cutter project that looks just like someone elses.
i want them to take that idea and make it their own.

so i wanted to encourage YOU to today to get crafty even in a small way with your kids.
even if it’s just sidewalk chalk in the driveway.
let them create however they want….without you doing it for them.

and enjoy it.
they are washable.
you can mop or vacuum your floors.
even paint isn’t permanent.
let that go and sit down a color with crayons yourself beside them.
they will love it.

my favorite craft websites are:  the crafty crowpink&green mama and deep space sparkle
Have FUN getting creative with YOUR kids!!
thanks tricia for having me!
I don’t know about you, but this makes me want to gather my kids and paint a chicken or maybe a dancing cow or something.  Thank you so very much Meg!  You’ve inspired us today.
Now go create something with your kids and be sure to post pictures.  If my kids weren’t in camp this week, we’d definitely have art day.
Happy Wednesday all!


  1. chanty says

    thanks for sharing meg… question: what do you do with the crafts once they have hung on the wall or sat on the shelf or graced the refrigerator door for long enough? i have horrible guilt when i throw my kids’ art out…

    • says

      That’s a great question! I feel the same guilt about my children’s art. I know I’m not Meg, but I’ll share how I deal with this problem. I try to showcase my children’s art until they’ve lost that sentimental feeling. After a while they understand when a paper is torn, etc; however, some things I simply remove and put away (a tote under my bed) for a little while. Every so often I’ll go through it and purge (when my children are not at home). If it’s not in view, they forget and they won’t want any of it when they are thirty. ;-) Hopefully Meg will have better advice.

      Best wishes to you and your family.

  2. says

    I’m so glad Meg guest posted over here so now I have a new-to-me blog to stalk. :)

    Paint may not be permanent but glitter is forever. Gah! I’ve definitely let go this summer and we’ve crafted much more than we have before. Not gonna lie, it’s because we live in a rental so I’m not overly concerned about paint on the floor. Sorry, landlord.

    • says

      Happy crafting! That statement about glitter being forever is pretty great. That should be made into a poster or something. Glad you visited. Hope you’ll come again soon. Feel free to stalk all you’d like. ;-)

  3. says

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Meg! Craft for the fun of it. Whenever I have to look after my newphew we make something. A superhero mask or even just a drawing

  4. says

    My boys love craft projects, but I’m not always good about doing them. It can get stressful. :-) I did let them paint the wall of our virtually unused classroom last summer with fingerpaint. That was an experience!! I’m definitely going to head to some of those websites for some inspiration! Thanks for sharing!!

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