The Things Kids Remember: Making Memories in the Little Moments

The things Kids Remember:  Making Memories in the Little Moments


It’s funny what kids remember.  The best memories are the ones parents least suspect.  My fondest childhood memories are:

Homemade pizza on a snow day

After-school walks with my grandmother that too often took us to a pizza place

Playing Othello with my grandfather

Stopping for a Wendy’s Frosty after my orthodontist appointments

Picnics in the park

Summer days in my cousin’s pool

Going to work with my uncle and then stopping at Friendly’s for the biggest sundae they served

Illegal fireworks on the fourth of July

Watching the A-Team with my family


None of these memories are terribly out of the ordinary, but when I think back over my childhood, these are the good things pop into my mind.  A few of these events only happened a handful of times, but they left an impression.  At the time, my family probably didn’t even realize they were helping me make memories that would last a lifetime.    Just like I didn’t understand that two years ago my daughter and I did something that she would never forget.

Early on a Saturday morning we walked into town, stopped at the bakery to get two donuts, and ate them in the park.  It was such a simple morning.  I never gave it another thought, but my daughter loved that time we spent together.  She talks about all the time, so this morning we finally enjoyed a repeat.

The sun was shining and it was warm early.  We armed ourselves with a few dollars and a camera and set off for our walk across town. It was the most beautiful morning.  One we’ll both remember for years to come.  I even willingly broke my diet for a donut with my daughter.


rainbow sprinkled donut


This morning was worth every single sprinkled calorie.

What good memories do you have from your childhood?

Have you done any special memory making with your own children lately?

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    Great pictures! And calories eaten for the sake of love don’t count. : ) Think I’ll go love my kids up a McDonald’s frappe today! : )

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    I often wonder which moments my kids will remember when they are grown and gone. I remember one picnic with my mom at a local park – such a vivid memory. When I asked my mom about it a few years ago she had no recollection of the day, but I can remember about every detail of it.

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    those doughnuts looked perfect! I’m glad you enjoyed nice weather today too. You’re very right about those simple moments, they are the best memories. You made me stop and do a double read though when you said playing Othello with your grandfather, I was thinking “you acted out the play Othello?! Not the greatest subject matter for a kid….oh wait, I think there’s a game…ok”, lol. My dad used to read us The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe & Pride and Prejudice before bed time. He would always pause and explain the ‘grown up talk’ into what we could understand. Even today my favourite line of Pride and Prejudice is “save your breath to cool your porridge” which I remember my dad explaining as “that basically means shut up”. lol.

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    Love this post! It’s amazing what we remember from our childhoods. I’m always surprised what my kids remember as well. How fun for your daughter and you to have that special sprinkled doughnut time. :)

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    It looks like you and your daughter had a perfect morning! I always think the small moments like these are the sweetest. My favorite childhood memories are camping with my family, fishing with my dad, and spending time on my grandparents’ farm.

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    What a sweet time for you and your daughter! I remember very fondly the few years I was homeschooled with my Mom, making Kraft Mac & Cheese and watching Perry Mason. Who knew?

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