WIWW: Clumsy Runs In Our Jeans

WIWW:  Jeans, Sweater, Scarf, & BootsJeans: Kohl’s, Boots: Dr. Marten, Sweater (?), Scarf: Kohl’s

WIWW Printed Scarf & Sweater

Right after this picture, I proceeded to fall in a hole and get grass stains all over my knees.

I was on my way out and didn’t have time to go back in and change.  Of course.

I told you I had a hard time finding my balance.

WIWW  Pink Rain BootsJeans: Kohl’s (same as above), Shirt: Kmart, Jacket: Kohl’s, Boots: Target

I love rain boots.  I love them better when they are pink.

WIWW:  Halloween Shirt and Spider HeadbandJeans: Same, Shirt: Walmart (4-5 yrs ago), Long-Sleeve: Target (5-6 yrs ago)

This wasn’t a very interesting week.

I just realized I wore the same jeans every day, except when I stayed in workout clothes.


WIWW:  Narciso Rodriguez Dress for Kohl'sDress:  Kohl’s, Boots: So old I don’t remember.

They were purchased in New Hampshire. That I do remember.

But, I was living in Maine at the time, so it had to be at least 7 years ago.

Sorry for the blurry picture, we’ll blame my mom.

This dress is a Narciso Rodriguez dress for Kohl’s.

That means nothing to me, but some of you follow fashion more closely than I.

You’ll know who he is.

I. Love. This. Dress.

I wore it last winter for Valentine’s Day.

There are so many wacky details.

The back zipper is exposed and it gathers at the shoulder and across the backside.

I just love its uniqueness.

In this picture, there is a staircase just behind me.  You can’t see it, but trust me, it’s there.  I’ve recently watched some super-cute video clips from fashion bloggers.  They make things like walking and breathing look so effortless.  So I got the great idea to walk down the stairs and have my mom film it.

Only, I can’t walk without looking at my feet or I’ll fall down the whole flight of stairs.  And I’m not effortless.  I don’t float; I clod – thump, thump, thump – down every single step.

Then, in the middle of the staircase, I decide to throw in a little spin, except I was never in ballet and I can’t dance.  That’s when I tripped.

And, we DIED laughing.

We laughed till we cried and my eye-liner ran down my face.  My mom may have wet her pants a little.  That can’t be confirmed.  We were laughing that hard.

So, I was still short a video clip and now my eye-liner was runny and my hair was falling out of my messy bun.  That’s when I put my daughter on the steps and hit record.  She did the SAME thing!

Friends, the clumsy runs in our jeans.

You can dress us up, but don’t take us anywhere with stairs, or slippery floors, or cracks in the sidewalk, or area rugs…well, you get the point.  We’re just plain dangerous, mostly to ourselves, but we’ll take you down if you’re too close.

I was going to show you the videos, so you could laugh at with us, but I couldn’t upload them directly and I’m not putting them on YouTube.  There is a limit to my dorkiness.

Well, that’s What I Wore.

How about you?  Can walk and chew gum at the same time?

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  1. says

    Haha! That’s so funny! I’m incredibly clumsy. I seem to have outgrown it a bit. But when I was younger, I rode my bike into a parked car… several times. I rode my bike over a soccer ball and smacked the pavement. I’ve fallen UP stairs several times. And Avi has totally inherited it. She walks smack into walls ALL the time. So funny!

    That dress is gorgeous on you!

  2. says

    This is hilarious!!! I love laughing that hard, it’s such a great feeling! And there is nothing like falling, man that gets me every time!! LOL! You could try the Magistro app – it might make you look like you’re floating! ANd you don’t have to put it on YouTube!

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